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Sleep Apnea & Sleeping Pills: Only For Short Term Relief

Posted Nov 30 2008 10:01am

Not being able to get adequate amount of sleep is certainly a worrying situation for which there are many solutions available including even resorting to using sleeping pills. However, one problem that persons can also suffer from is sleep apnea and if you are considering sleep apnea and sleeping pills, then you should be advised against taking sleeping pills for your sleep apnea problem because sleep apnea is caused by constriction of the air passage or because of delays in the brain informing the body to breathe which may result in you waking up briefly at night and sleeping pills may actually worsen your sleep apnea problem.

Look for Some Short Term Relaxation Solutions

Sleep apnea sufferers consider sleeping pills because of the rest they will get which makes them feel better and improves their mood. As a short term solution, sleeping pills would help you get enough sleep for a few days and after doing so, you should cease taking them.

Sleeping pills can become habit forming. You can start to depend on them to get the sleep you need. It is not recommended as a long term solution when you have sleep apnea.

There are far better ways for you to cope with sleep apnea including weight loss, eliminating alcohol and tobacco, changing your sleeping position such as sleeping on your side and keeping regular rest hours.

Even without the added concern of sleep apnea the long term effects of taking sleeping pills is not beneficial. For insomniacs, taking sleeping pills constantly could be as deadly as cigarette smoking.

Over time the usage of sleeping pills can result in higher mortality rates. If you suffer from sleep apnea, they do little to improve your condition and can actually reduce your brain activity while you’re awake. They may even affect your short term memory and even give you a hangover.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, reconsider sleeping pills. Rather, look for an alternative and use self help methods which will not have the effects on you that sleeping pills will.

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