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Skinny Fat Curse Skinny fat isn'...

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:05pm

Skinny Fat Curse

Skinny fat isn't cool. For anyone who isn't familiar with what skinny fat is, it's a curse of certain body types for people who have skinny arms and legs but a big gut. As a matter of fact it's more like a disease almost. You see anytime you try to add muscle and you're skinny fat your gut gets big and anytime you try to get lean your arms get smaller.

This plague occurs in more people than you think. Just walk into any gym and look at the people in there. Their either big or small, no one is lean and jacked, well until now.

See in my upcoming book, The Physique Formula, I get into the heart of the matter to why people are skinny fat, how to eat if you are skinny fat and hand you the only step-by-step plan ever written for skinny fat people.

If you're a hardgainer or skinny guy then I'm not sure if I want you getting this product. It will work marvels for you but you don't need to be worrying about doing anything but eating more.

If you're skinny fat however, if you hate dieting and losing all of your hard earned muscle then I'm talking to you.

See here's three things I'm currently doing to beat the skinny fat sickness and that you can do until May 15th and the release of the Physique Formula.

1) Going on a high fat diet. I'm not just talking about a few fish oil caps here and there but 15-20 grams of healthy fats every meal. Natural peanut butter, macademia nut oil, almonds, walnuts, cashews and high doses of fish oil. I'm not full, I can go low carb longer and my workouts have never been fueled better.

2) Using skinny fat supplements. Yes there are only a select few supplements that actually work for skinny fat people. See our hormones are different, we have a fast metabolism and high anabolic hormones but we also have high muscle wasting hormones. Using just a few nutritional supplements in proper combination have me reducing fat on the skinny fat spots which are the gut, lower back and some small fat deposits on the upper/mid back.

3)Using skinny fat sets and reps. Most people think that 8-12 reps is the best for muscle building and it is but not for us. See research has shown that lower reps produce more natural testosterone while higher reps produce more growth hormone.

Being that we're skinny fat our testosterone is actually "locked" and we don't have a lot of useable test so we need to train with lower reps to save muscle when we diet and kick start our natural testosterone production.


P.S. Look for my email about the first 5 pounds of fat loss in your email tomorrow.

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