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six pack abs With summer in full...

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:24pm

six pack abs

With summer in full effect, everyone in the gym is focused on one thing, six pack abs. Don't worry if you didn't start your diet 12 weeks ago or change your nutrition three months ago. There's still time to get six pack abs and show them off all summer at the beach. You just need to follow a few simple rules for a flat stomach.

1) Start eating whole food every two hours.

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is trading quality food for the convenience of protein shakes. Now don't get me wrong, I think protein shakes are essential for building muscle and dropping fat. I also understand that most people are on the run all day and might not have the time or desire to sit down and eat turkey, chicken or fish all the time. Getting six pack abs is all about raising your metabolism.

That's ok and in those situations, a quality whey protein shake will really help. The problem is that when you eat whole food you speed up your metabolism even more than when you had liquid food because your body must breakdown the whole food. That results in more calories burned.

2) Stop overdoing the cardio.

Typically people that started dieting too late will try to compensate by overdoing cardio to catch up to where they think they should be. Now this leads to two problems. The first being that your workouts are now going to suffer more because you are so focused on doing cardio to get six pack abs.

Second, you won't give your legs enough time to recover, which makes your next cardio session less productive. Plus if you are doing intervals (which you should be) you really can't do more than 3-4 interval sessions per week effectively.

3) Sleep more

I know that we all wish we could sleep more but just trying to get to bed a hour earlier on the weekends will really make a difference. Since training for six pack abs require intervals, intense workouts and sensible dieting, your body is going to be fatigued more. We can't sleep during the day so just adding a extra half hour or hour to our total sleep time at night will make a noticeable difference in getting a flat stomach and six pack abs.

4) Decrease you rest between sets.

Another fantastic way to raise your metabolism and burn more calories during your workout is to decrease your rest time between sets. Your workouts should be set around high reps from 8-15 and exercises should be performed back to back to increase the amount of calories you burn. Recent research has pointed to fact that training like in the Physique Formula releases a fluid called lactic acid. Now science is telling us that the more lactic acid we produce the more we raise and increase your natural growth hormone levels. Well another way to do this and get six pack abs is to slowly decrease your rest seconds by 5 seconds every workout.


P.S-In 3 weeks he lost 3.3% bodyfat with The Physique Formula

Hey Jimmy, we'll its not quite three weeks yet and my bodyfat is already down by 3.3%. I'm pretty excited as i've added 1/2" to my arms and 3/4" to my quads. I have also lost 4lbs, and that's not water weight from carb depleated muscles, its fat weight. I've been working hard over the last few months with other programs, trying to loose even 1% of body fat - my body just seemed to hold on to fat. Using the physique formula workout plan the first thing I noticed were the much more intense muslce pumps and my heart rate was flying. These intensities are so much more than what I am used to, it was quite a shock to my body. Small changes in classic lifts, multiple joint exercises, classic powerlifting moves, efficient rest periods.. it all help me keep focused in the gym. The Physique formula showed me I'm capable of working a lot harder than I ever knew. I got extremely hungry after some of the workouts and worried about eating too much. Following the nutrition plan I always felt satisfied, never felt weak or depleated and didn't have any problems loosing fat - it just came off.

Thanks Jimmy,

Jeff Check

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