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Six Pack Abs – 5 Secrets Nobody Is Telling You

Posted May 31 2010 12:43am

There are literally hundred’s of programs on the market and 1000’s of wacky exercise machines that promise to give you six pack abs. But do you know the real secret to getting six pack abs? The secret is that you have to diet and exercise. Yes, this takes work, it’s not hard work, but it’s work. If it wasn’t everybody on your street would be sporting a 6 pack, and it wouldn’t be Coors Light. ;)

If you really want to get tight sexy abs, then follow these 5 steps.

1. Empty Your Cupboards. Go through your kitchen and throw away or give away all your junk food. If you have junk in the cupboards, you’ll get junk in the trunk. Getting a flat belly requires you to make a few changes, and diet is the most important part of getting a six pack.

2. Make a Grocery Run. Get to the store and restock with the best foods for six pack abs. Choose from this list.

Protein: Turkey Chicken Soy Products (Tofu etc.) Fish

Vegetables: Broccoli Asparagus Cauliflower Spinach Mixed Veggies

This will get you started. There is a much more detailed list in the ebook, but this is a good start.

3. Find a place to do your Six Pack Abs workout. You can do your workouts in the gym, at home in your living room, or even in your back yard. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. I prefer to get it all done in the gym.

4. Do a full body abs workout 2-3 times per week. Focus on full body workouts and try to train each muscle group during each workout. Do this only 2-3 Times a week.

5. Drop the Cardio. It’s not really necessary if you have a solid diet and exercise plan. Plenty of people will tell you it is, and they run for hours but never get a six pack. If you are set on cardio to boost your fat loss, try a 4 Minute Slim workout.

These 5 Secrets are the secrets to Six Pack Abs . They will help you achieve a flat stomach in no time if you follow them to a T.

For more information on how you can get Six Pack Abs and sculpt the body of your dreams with short 20 minute workouts and a simple diet, stop by Ryan M Hall’s site to get your free diet ebook and start building muscle today.

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