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Simple Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Posted Jul 04 2010 6:52pm
Do you want to know how to do it? Though it may seem hopeless at times to lose your belly fat, there are a lot of simple steps you can take.

#1 Drink Fresh Water.

Just make sure you’re drinking water. How many other beverages can you drink to your heart’s content? Exactly. None. So obey your thirst. You owe yourself that much.

#2 Don’t inhale your food.

In this day and age of fast food and instant noodles, savoring food seems to be a lost art. Little do people know that just taking the time to enjoy their meal would not only give their stomachs time to digest, it would also keep them from stuffing so much down south. Chill out, swallow and taste your food, and it’ll spend more time in your memory and less time on your belly.

#3 Use small plate.

Use Smaller plates. Use the saucer as your dinner plate. Do this and you’ll be able to keep track of how much you’re eating, preventing you from going overboard. Visually, you’ll see a full plate-and you’ll eat less in the end. (See #2!)

#4 Watch what you eat.

Not literally, of course. Just be aware of what you put in your mouth, calorie-wise and nutrition-wise. Too much junk goes straight to your trunk. Read labels and do your research: know what’s in your food and know what’s in your belly.

#5 Walk your dog.

Just walk! Lots of people don’t bother taking the occasional stroll because they consider it a futile undertaking in terms of fat loss. Not so. Any effort to keep active goes a long way, especially if you think of how many miles you’ll eventually tread when you put all your short walks end to end. This idea goes both ways; if you can’t even make an effort to get out the door, think of how many pounds you’ll eventually pile on just for refusing to go the distance.

#6 Exercise.

Did you really think we could write this list without throwing in some physical activity? Come on, you should know better than that. To lose that belly fat quickly, you have to keep moving. Lift some weights, do some cardio, play a game of pick-up ball, and before you know it, your belly will no longer be made of jelly.

# 7 Mix it up.

The main thing to understand is that no one method works nearly as well as a whole bunch of them. The best belly fat attack is to incorporate all these simple steps into your lifestyle.

Once you’ve got these steps into your daily life routine, you’ll have truly discovered how to lose your belly fat and keep it off for life.
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