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Simple Upper Body Work to Gain Size

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:00pm
Today I took some time away from the usual Tuesday speed bench work and did a simple but effective hypertrophy training session for the upper body.

  • Standing Military Press, choose a weight you can do for about 8 reps, now do 50 reps total in as few sets as possible. Paired with,
  • Pull-ups, 50 reps total. Feel free to hang weight from you to make the pull-ups as challenging as the presses.
I ended up doing 10 sets of 5 of both movements. Simply do a set of presses, then weight about 1 minute and do a set of pulls. If you are going pretty heavy as I did, then take your time between sets. Volume is the key to size, so don't blow your wad on the third set!

If you want to simply build strength, keep the sets high at 10 or so, but decrease the reps while increasing the weight. Stop short of failure, and really focus on blasting the weight up fast.

If the weight you used wasn't too heavy and you still feel fresh, you pick another pair of antagonistic drills to beef up your upper body, but I stopped there as I was spent.

Some suggestions for the second pairing in the workout are:
  • Rows and Push-ups/Bench Press
  • Snatch and Inch Worm
  • or just pump your arms up!
But if you do the military press paired with pull-ups training session hard, that is all you will need, so why complicate things?

Think you are too advanced for pull-ups? Check this guy out!

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