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Simple Incontinence Treatment

Posted Aug 06 2008 4:01am
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Bladder control problems are not necessarily a natural part of aging, whereas giving birth, obesity, weak pelvic muscles, diabetes, prostate cancer, bladder cancer or stones, and neurological disorders can be contributing factors. Bladder control exercises can work wonders for those that just have beginning symptoms.

Some of us, as we get older make more frequent trips to the bathroom. A recent study revealed that 38% of men over 40 wake up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom. Bladder control can be a dysfunction of muscle control, specifically the pelvic floor muscles extending from the pelvic bone to the tailbone. However, it’s not only men that suffer from this often embarrassing condition. Women who’ve given birth often suffer fromincontinence.

Bladder control problems range from stress incontinence that are triggered by activities such as sneezing, laughing and/or coughing that brings on a frequent sense of needing to urinate. Both can plague men and woman of any age.

Although incontinence is a common problem, it is never normal and can have devastating effects on the lives of seniors and often limits social contact due to embarrassment, bringing with it negative feelings, which often causes stress, that in turn lead to other health problems.

Treatment for bladder controlproblems vary from case to case however, primarily learning special exercises to taking medication or undergoing surgery are the main points. What type of treatment is best for you, depends on the type ofbladder control problemyou have.

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