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Simple Changes that make a BIG Difference!

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:28am

Simple Dietary Changes that make a BIG Difference!  

1.     Never skip a meal, ESPECIALLY Breakfast

a.     This slows down your metabolism and causes your body to ‘starve’ for calories thus making weight loss even more difficult due to your body thinking that you are starving it so it stores all those extra calories as fat instead of using them for energy (thus low levels of energy throughout the day)

2.     Make sure to eat all your grains and oats as close to the natural form as possible, avoid using ‘instant’ anything.

3.     Try to limit your dairy consumption.

4.     FATS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. Especially the types found in nuts, certain oils, avocado

5.     When purchasing meats, eggs, etc try to buy free range, grain fed, and hormone free source

a.     When you do not choose this option the nutrients of the food that you are eating are considerably lower!             Protein decreases by 30-40%

6.     When eating salad make your own dressing. Use olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some herbs.

7.     When eating nuts be sure to get your ‘raw unsalted’ versions

8.     For sweetener try using stevia (the natural form of low-calorie options), agave nectar, or sugar in the raw.

a.     Artificial sweeteners like splenda, sweet’-n-low are full of chemicals and bad for your belt line!

9.     The less processed something is the better!  Try eating 80% of your foods from the natural form!  Fresh vegetables, fruits, organic meats, and organic grains.  Avoid anything that is packaged in a box.

10.  Try to sit down while eating away from a TV, computer, or while driving.  All of these release the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ into your blood stream which can cause weight gain and unbalanced hormone levels which leads to adrenal stress.

11.  Be sure to chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing.  Liquefy your solids and swish your liquids in your mouth.  This will allow your body time to release all the appropriate digestive enzymes as well as take some of the unnecessary stress off the digestive system.

12.  Be sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day!

13.  Be sure to try and get your sleep habits consistent 10pm-6am most days of the week. This aligns with our natural circadian rhythms.

14.  Incorporate stress reduction techniques into your daily life. Sit and meditate for 5-10 minutes per day or just do simple diaphragmatic breathing before going to sleep at night.

15.  Be sure to get in cardiovascular training and resistance training each week.

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