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Signs of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction - A Few Things to Look For

Posted Nov 10 2008 10:01pm

There are a number of different ways to pick up on the signs and symptoms of alcoholism or drug addiction. Usually your instincts will tell you something is wrong, but we have a tendency to second-guess ourselves so some ‘hard facts’ are usually required.

It also depends on which side of the fence you’re looking at the problem. Are you wanting to know the signs of addiction for your own benefit because you’re worried about your own alcohol or drug intake?

On the other hand, you may be worried about your husband, wife, partner or friend. I can’t promise to provide you with foolproof indicators - but I’ll try and provide you with a couple of pointers, and if you then want more comprehensive info - follow the links to my site.

When looking for physical symptoms of alcoholism and addiction - liver problems are always a key indicator (though somewhat difficult to pick up without an official Doctor’s examination) - but can manifests as fatigue and a number of others things. High Blood Pressure is another key indicator.

Some of the ‘easier’ symptoms or signs of an addiction to pick up on - are things like beginning to experience severe withdrawals from drinking or using, needing more to get the same effects, and broken promises (even to yourself) that you’re going to stop.

I always say though that when your drinking or drug using begins to affect your own sense of well-being and you begin to struggle with things you didn’t previously on a day to day basis like relationships, work etc. that you know there is a real problem.

These days you will also find very good drug addiction tests and alcoholism tests (much like psychometric tests) that can be really helpful and accurate in helping you see if in fact there is real problem with alcohol or drugs. They’re quite detailed so to try one for yourself, please visit my website.

So at the end of day, determining whether or not there is indeed an addiction problem, can be done using a variety of different methods. So look at all the signs and symptoms, try a ‘test’ and I think you will have a pretty good idea.

Try this Alcoholism Test for a pretty accurate indication of an Addiction Problem. And for a list of the Signs of Alcoholism and Addiction - this should prove helpful.

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