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Side Lunge

Posted Apr 20 2009 11:48pm

We have a love-hate relationship with lunges.

We HATE how much they burn, but we LOVE the results we can get.

But every relationship can get a little stale, no matter how much HATE or LOVE.

I see too many people sticking with that same ol' front lunge relationship.

I'm certainly not a relationship coach by any means, but I think you and your lunges are way overdue for a little spicing up. 

Shake it up with a side lunge!

The Setup 

  • Start with both feet/toes parallel and hip width apart
  • Next step out wide to the side and slightly forward (up to a 45 degree angle) of the starting position

The Action 

  • Put weight into front (stepping) foot
  • Now bend that front knee and sit back to put your backside out
  • Keep the back leg (or stationary leg) straight

The Reminders

  • Do BOTH sides, sorry!
  • Push through your front (stepping) heel on your way back up to the starting position
  • Toes should stay pointing forward and parallel 
  • You can add resistance by holding dumbbells or a medicine ball 
  • This exercise can be done stationary or dynamic if you chose to actively step or just keep your feet still the entire time

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