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Show Off Those Sexy Arms For The Summer

Posted Jul 01 2009 4:20pm

As women we are always concerned with that jiggly underarm stuff, and for some of us, we won’t even wear a sleeveless shirt. I had one client who had never worn a tank top in her life because she was embarrassed of her arms, but now she says she could never go back to t-shirts with sleeves.

Here are some simple moves that you can do at home to give you those nice, toned arms you can be proud of!

Tricep Dips- This is the perfect exercise that focuses directly on your tricep muscle, where that “underarm flab” seems to hang. All you need for this exercise is a chair. You want to keep your body as close to the edge of the chair as possible and your hands close to your body. Then you slowly lower your body down towards the ground. The further your legs are away from your body, the more advanced the exercise will be.

Push Ups- This is another great exercise that will not only work your triceps, but your biceps, back and abs as well. Your entire upper body will take great shape by incorporating these into your routine.

Skull Crusher- This may sound a bit scary but is a really good tricep exercise. You just need to be careful not to konk yourself in the head. This exercise can be done anywhere as long a your back is flat on something. Next, take a barbell or dumbbell and hold it straight up over your body and slowly lower the dumbbell down towards your forehead, moving only your forearms.

By incorporating these three exercises into your weekly workout routine, you will not only have the most amazing looking arms, but you will be proud to wear those sleeveless tops!

Do you have a favorite upper body exercise that you do? Comment below and let us know! The more exercises we can do, the sexier we can get!

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