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Shoulders Low Intensity/High Rep Workout with some Butt

Posted May 19 2008 10:04am

40 minutes of fast walk to light jog on the treadmill, burned 500 calories

Shoulders Low Intensity/High Rep Workout

One Leg Medicine Ball Squat 3 x 25 each leg x 4lb (I really like this one.)

Machine Shoulder Press 3 x 30 x 20 lb

Dumbbell Bent Lat. Raise 3 x 40 reps that I split up 15 reps using 5 lbs and 25 reps using no weight

Military Press 3 x 25 x 5 lb (This made me tired and was hard to do)

Standing Squat to Press 3 x 30 x 1 1/2 lb

Front Raise (singles) 3 x 20 x 5lb

Rotator Cuff 3 x 20 x 5lb

Upright Row 3 x 25 x 5lb

Single Leg Romain Dead-lift 3 x 15 x 8lb (I really like this one too, I can feel the burn in my butt)

Burned a total of 1200 calories, but it too me 2 hours to do it. This higher rep stuff seems to take me longer. I hope the results are worth it.

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