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Posted Apr 21 2009 11:16pm

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post.  So what’s going on?  Busy, busy, busy.

If you follow Shoulder Rehab & Performance, then you’re aware that we’re the same guys who manufacture and market the Rotater for shoulder rehab and improved shoulder range of motion / performance.  I use this blog to let people know:

  • what’s new in the shoulder rehab world
  • about recent studies on a variety of shoulder related issues
  • of new shoulder training techniques and videos
  • other miscellaneous and interesting shoulder stuff I find while rummaging the net

Sometimes we include News about the Rotater! - Exclusive Distributor of the Rotater in UK - the Exclusive Distributor for the Rotater in the UK - the Exclusive Distributor for the Rotater in the UK

We’re thrilled to announce that Andrew and Pat Bellamy have become the exclusive distributor of the Rotater in the U.K.  Andrew Bellamy is an Osteopath, mountain biker and scuba diver.

Mountain Biking fall causes fracture & shoulder dislocation

Andrew contacted me during his shoulder rehab - he had fractured and dislocated his shoulder during a nasty fall while mountain biking.  He purchased a Rotater online and I expected that to be the “end of the story”.  Not so - Andrew has been so impressed with the progress he’s made since incorporating the Rotater into his shoulder rehabilitation program that he’s become the exclusive distributor of the Rotater in the U.K.

Here’s the story in Andrew’s own words:

“During the frustrating rehab from a fracture/dislocation of my shoulder after falling off my mountain bike, I came across The Rotater. I had already had successful surgery and great physiotherapy, (and I have been an Osteopath for over 20 years), but it was all going too slowly for me.

A Rotater arrived in the UK in quick time and immediately made a positive difference. If for no other reason, it put control of my problem in my hands. As a patient, I like that control – as an Osteopath, I can appreciate the mechanical and physiological advantages of the way The Rotater keeps the axis of shoulder rotation in line with the upper arm. This prevents ‘patient cheating’ by tilting the body or dropping the arm when doing shoulder exercises, a common problem for physical therapists to overcome everywhere.

It’s now 12 weeks since my surgery; I’ve been back at work full-time for the last 8 weeks, plus I’m back to the gym, off-road biking, (no falls yet), and SCUBA diving. I have a great Physio, but the answer so often is to take good advice and then motivate yourself – the Rotater gives you that choice.

Frankly, I don’t usually do testimonials, but I will be recommending this device to my patients as well as using it as a tool in my clinic.”

Andrew Bellamy, D.O. - England

Shoulder Rehab Patents in England - Contact

We’ve sent a lot of Rotaters to shoulder rehab patients and athletes in England over the past 20 months - now you no longer have to wait 10 -14 days to receive your order.  Contact Andrew and Pat:

  • online at
  • by telephone ( 01273 455775 )
  • or drop by their clinic  at 10 Western Road, Shoreham, W Sussex, BN43 5WD.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you a demonstration of the Rotater.

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