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Shoulder Stretching Device Used by World Record Long Driver

Posted Jan 19 2009 1:28am

Mike Dobbyn - World Record Long Driver

We had the opportunity to meet Mike Dobbyn ( the world record holder for long drive - 551 yards ) during the PGA Expo in January 2008.  To say Mike is a big guy would be an understatement.  At 6′8″ and 300 lbs., he possesses uncanny strength, speed and flexibility - all of the characteristics needed to hit a golf ball astronomical distances.

In this video, Mike demonstrates why he is the world record holder by “crushing a golf ball”.  But that’s not all - notice how Mike explains the nuances of stretching your body to develop the shoulder turn necessary to generate an incredibly powerful golf swing.  Mike is at ease in front of a camera and is a natural teacher as he explains how to generate fantastic club head speed.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Mike Dobbyn Endorses the Rotater

When we met Mike last year, he tried t he Rotater and was impressed with how well it stretched his shoulders.  We really didn’t think much more about it until Mike contacted us a couple of months ago to tell us about impact the Rotater was having on his shoulders.  Here is what Mike Dobbyn has to say about the Rotater:

  • “I noticed after only a few days of using The Rotater a much more flexible and stronger shoulder area!”
  • “After using The Rotater for only 1 week I have achieved more extension at the top of my back-swing thus giving me a larger swing arc and the ability to generate more club-head speed.”
  • “Having been an athlete since I was very young and having multiple shoulder injuries from over use in baseball I can honestly say that there is no better tool on the market than The Rotater for stretching and rehabilitating the entire shoulder area.”
  • “If you want to hit the ball farther with more ease and be in less pain, then you have to get The Rotater!”

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