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Shoulder Pain Patients Regain Full Range of Motion

Posted Mar 16 2011 5:20am

We received the following email from Dr. Steven Green of the NOVA Headache and Chronic Pain Center:

“I love The Rotator for its ability to have the patient perform the complex motions necessary to regain full ROM and use of the shoulder joint complex post surgery.  I have used this successfully on myself and many of my patients.  If I were to change but one thing with this valuable tool it would be the material from which it is made.  Regrettably, the flimsy materials make it a difficult sale as patient’s are often reticent to plunk down the 60-80.00 required to make the purchase.  As we can all agree, the science behind the unit, the software instructions, etc all go into the cost and the effectiveness is without dispute.  The problem is in demonstrating the value proposition to a member of the laity who is considering the purchase without the benefit of the esoteric knowledge behind the invention.  Instead, their concern is for the durability and heft of the instrument even though -again, we can all agree – that this has nothing to do with the effectiveness.”

Dr. Steven M. Green
NOVA Headache and Chronic Pain Center

The Rotater is Guaranteed 100% – No Questions Asked

The Rotater Works - it's that simple!

NOTE: The flimsiness that Dr. Green is speaking of is referring to the ability of the Rotater handle to twist. This twist is very important to someone who is rehabbing a sore shoulder. Basically the twisting allows for a buffer in the transference of motion / force and is purposely designed into the Rotater.  It does not affect the durability of the Rotater which is why the Rotater is guaranteed 100% for any kind of breakage!!  ALSO, the Rotater’s strength and durability has been tested by the continued use of many professional athletes and world class powerlifters.  This was my response to Dr. Green:

“Hi Dr. Green,

Thanks for your quick response!!  I’m glad to hear your shoulder (as well as those of your patients) has responded positively to the Rotater.  You are absolutely correct in your description of hesitation some people exhibit when they learn the price of the Rotater.  However, what we’ve found is that after using the Rotater and realizing they can stretch themselves, price often becomes a non-issue.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but we guarantee the Rotater – 100% to the user’s satisfaction – no questions asked.  If our client is not happy, we’re not happy and will refund their money.  Basically they can try the Rotater and if they still don’t feel it’s worth the price, they can get all their money back. “

Chris Melton

Joint Mechanix, LLC
Mobile:  334-444-4468

Here are Dr. Green’s final thoughts:

“Thank you for the valuable information.  I was unaware of the fact you provided a no hassle money back guarantee.  I will be careful to explain that the next time a patient could benefit from your device.”

Dr. Steven M. Green
NOVA Headache and Chronic Pain Center

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