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shoulder dislocation exercise

Posted by brenda

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First you need to start by getting your Range of Motion (ROM) back. If it is difficult to lift the arm on its own, use a broom stick holding it with both arm (bad arm on the top, good arm on the bottom), use your good arm to raise your bad arm, in front of you, beside you, and behind you. Only to the point of a nice stretch, there should be no pain.

Next, lay on the ground on your good side, place your elbow of the bad arm on your hip and rotate your arm out (lifting to and way from your stomach). 3 set of 12

Then, standing, take your arms out to a 45 degree angle in front of you, thumbs rotated towards the floor (the backs of your hand should be facing one another), lift your arms only to shoulder height and lower back down. 3 set of 12

Avoid overhead movements until you have allowed it to heal and have strength back. But be sure to move it and use it otherwise it will lock up on you becoming tough and leathery like and what could possibly become Frozen Shoulder.

Other exercises you could do are, place your body up against a wall facing the wall, take a towel in your hand and wipe the towel along the wall from your side to above your head (if you can otherwise just to your shoulder height)  

or an incline push up on the wall is a great exercise to help build strength and ROM.

 If it does not get better seek a physician who can assist you with physical therapy. 

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