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Should we eat or not eat before exercise?

Posted Jun 25 2009 10:53pm

Should we eat or not eat before exercise?
It is likely that many people do not have clear whether or not to eat before you exercise and what is advisable to eat more so in the case. Some argue that is a must eat food prior to exercise, others say it would be preferable to have an empty stomach. What would you recommend then?

The answer is yes, most experts say should be eating. In the blog VitaminG, transcribed the words of a nutrition specialist and professor of American gymnastics, Fred DeVito, who says that it is very important to have eaten before exercise: "It is not recommended to exercise on an empty stomach," he says.
"I've seen people dizzy, dizzy, or even people who can no longer continue after the first fifteen minutes of an intense class, and in almost all cases, these people had not eaten before going to class," he adds.

So, you should eat, but then the next question would be: what to eat? Basically, something light, not to exceed 200 calories. "A good snack would be a combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins, and also provide the energy necessary and fair."
In this group then you can choose between yogurt, apples, nutrition bars, oats, cocoa and butter. " Another point to consider, according to DeVito, is that what one chooses to eat before exercise is easily digestible, it could be counterproductive to feeling tired and complicate the exercise.

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