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Shortfalls of Liposuction

Posted Nov 23 2010 8:51am

Liposuction is cosmetic surgery and for some is a good way to reshape one’s body. Liposuction reshapes and slims certain areas of one’s body by taking away extra fat deposits in the body. Liposuction, for the most part, removes fat that fails to come off by using normal weight loss programs and is also performed to remove saggy skin.

The advantages of liposuction are: improvement of a patient’s self confidence and how he or she feels about how they look. This type of cosmetic surgery is particularly helpful for those who want to lose weight in certain areas of the body.

However, there are disadvantages to liposuction such as complications from surgery such as painful bruising, swelling, allergic reaction and numbness. Other disadvantages to this type of surgery also include: bacterial infection, damage to the skin, skin or nerve damage, scarring and contour concerns.

In addition, other disadvantages of liposuction are: damage to one’s skin, a redistribution of the patient’s fluid in the body, and in some cases does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as some patients might think.

There are times, also, when a patient feels limited in their movements after surgery. The permanent disadvantages of liposuction that some patients feel are skin infections, skin burns, and nerve damage. Scarring of the skin can also be a problem with some patients. The liposuction surgery removes fat under the skin and contrary to what some believe, does not minimize heart disease.

In addition, the cost of liposuction is quite high. The cost of liposuction includes three fees: the anesthesia fee, the facility fee and the doctor’s fee. In actuality, it costs considerably less to exercise and opt for better nutrition than to undergo this procedure. And, liposuction is not for everyone. It is advised to talk with your surgeon first before agreeing to this procedure. As a patient of this procedure, you have the right to know everything about it before going through the procedure.

Breast lipo is a form of plastic surgery that is done to decrease the weight and size of the breasts. Breast liposuction procedure can be a positive experience if you are in good health and understand the process. The breast liposuction cost is usually $3,500-$8,000 and other areas of liposuction can cost from $2,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on your surgeon. However, the breast liposuction cost varies from state to state.

To conclude, liposuction can be a positive and healthy experience but before making your decision, talk with your surgeon and do your own research from liposuction costs , benefits to risks.

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