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Shape and Tone Your Legs With Jump Training

Posted May 13 2008 12:33pm
Are you looking for ways to shape your lower body because your program isn't quite working?! After all, summer is just around the corner! I have a solution for you! Add some excitement and intensity to your leg workouts!

If you have been doing your squats, lunges and step-ups that's great. Keep doing them. But, you need to mix it up a little with some jump training. Jump training has many benefits which include: burning body fat, strengthening bones and increasing power.

Jump training is high intensity training, placing great stress on the bones, joints, and connective tissue. Jump training places you at greater risk of injury than less intense training exercises. It is important to perform the exercises correctly before implementation of full-speed exercises. Jumping and landing techniques should be mastered. Exercises should be performed on safe surfaces such as rubber mats, sprung floors, grass or sand. Concrete or other similar hard surfaces expose you to injury. And, you should have good core and lower body strength to reduce chances of injury.

So you ask, where do I start? A good place to start is with an exercise you learned in kindergarden: jumping rope! There are many variations of jumping rope: two legs, one leg, alternating legs, shuffles, slalom, etc. You can progress to eventually jumping rope at full speed. Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for burning calories, burning fat, increasing bone density and improving coordination/balance.

Another good jump exercise is jump squats. Learn proper jumping and landing techniques before progressing to full speed execution of this exercise.

Jump your way to the body you want!
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