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Setting Your New Year Goals…

Posted Jan 04 2010 6:00am

Before setting any goals for yourself first take a long hard look at your life and lifestyle. The amount of time you have, the dedication you are willing to put into your New Year goals and the amount of determination you really have to stick with it.

So often people set goals that are so grandiose that they cannot follow through with them, so it is better to make a set of goals and achieve them and follow through with them rather than one huge goal that you don’t seem to see an end to.

First: Ask yourself, what do I really want to change or do differently this year?
Second: What am I willing to do to achieve the goals I set for myself?
Third: Are my goals realistic so that I will stick with them and not quit before I have achieved my goal.

Once you can answer those questions it is now time to decide you most important goal. Your health and fitness should always come first as without good health you won’t be able to accomplish anything else.

Keep in mind your level: are you a beginner just starting out?  Maybe you work out occasionally, or are you one who goes to the gym or workouts daily.

Take on you health and fitness goals bases on your level and work your way up.

Goals like this take commitment, dedication, and will power, but a goal that is so general like “losing weight” will leave you back to your old habits in just a few weeks, or even days because there is no specifics or time frame to that goal. So how are you going to make this year different that the past years?

Make sure your goals are attainable
An essential step in the goal setting process is to make sure your goal is attainable and realistic so you feel confident that you can achieve it. If you shoot too low, you won’t challenge yourself and may slack off. If you are too demanding, you may think it is not possible and lose motivation.

Give your goals a deadline.

Finally, a timely goal is one with a deadline. Put a date on your calendar or in your phone that you have to follow so you are accountable to that time frame.
It is important not to have too many goals at once and you feel they cannot all be achieved. Instead, have a 1 or two SMART goals that you can work on and once you have achieved those, set new ones.
Make a plan
Last but not least, decide the most efficient way to achieve your goals. Who is going to be in your “Power Team” to support you and keep you accountable along the way? If you keep setting the same goals over and over, you are going to get the same results. Do something different this year to make your resolutions stick.

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