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Setting Up A Six Pack Ab Diet ...

Posted May 19 2009 4:35pm
Setting Up A Six Pack Ab Diet

Most everyone wants a six pack. So they read a article or two and decide on a six pack diet that they feel will work for them. After a few weeks they have failed to get the results that they want so they decide to eat less calories. After they lose a pound or two they start to stop losing weight. So they had more cardio and weight training sessions in but they still can’t lose weight. What gives?

The problem with most of these diets that people try to get six pack abs is that they are too extreme. Any diet that is found in a book or magazine is for the mass population. Knowing how to set up a nutrition plan is the first thing that anyone looking to get a 6 pack should do. These pre-written diets don’t account for your individual metabolism, your muscle mass and your activity level. Most importantly, they don’t account for your body type. So what can you o today to set up a diet that will help you lose stomach fat?

First you need to determine your calories. While I don’t think that calories are the most important things, you do need to know how much you eat so that if you hit a plateau you can slightly lower your calories and continue making progress. So an easy formula is to determine your calories by your body type. After you a ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph? Ectomorphs are people who are naturally skinny and have a hard time putting on muscle mass. A mesomorph is someone who has a naturally athletic build and a endomorph is someone who has always been chubby.

Mesomorphs : bodyweight x 15.
Ectomorphs :bodyweight x 16-17.
Endomorphs : bodyweight x 13-14.

So once you establish the base line of your calories, let’s say it’s 2500, you want to subtract your amount by 600. By reducing your intake by 600 calories you’ll lose about 1.2-1.3 lbs of fat per week. So 1900 calories.

From there, you need to determine your protein, fat and carbohydrates intake. As a general rule of thumb, hard training males should try to get about 1.5 g/lb of protein for their bodyweight and females should try to get 1.0-1.2 g/lb of their bodyweight. Now you need to realize that every gram of protein has 4 calories so please factor that in. So let’s assume this is a 200 pound individual getting 1.5 grams of protein so that’s 1200 calories.

To determine fats and keep your anabolic hormones at the optimum level, you want to shoot to have about 30-40% of your daily calories coming from fats. Let’s go with 35 grams of fat in this example. Each gram of fat contains 9 calories so that’s 315 calories from fat.

So with protein and fat that’s 1515 calories. That leaves 385 k/cals from carbs. That leaves us about 96 grams of carbs per day. You just divide 385 by 4, since one gram of carbs contains 4 calories. That’s how you determine a six pack diet.
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