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Setting Health and Fitness Goals - The Blueprint to a Healthy You

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:57am

Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I always take this month to rethink my fitness goals for the past year and the one to come.

I have purposefully chosen this month to think about my overall health because I've seen how breast cancer can affect a family. My wonderful mother-in-law and her mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer. In a previous blog, "Reasons to be Fit", I discussed my commitment to running in breast cancer awareness runs and my overall fitness commitment because my grandmother died from breast cancer. This month has special meaning for me because I like to think that this month I take the time to commit to myself and my body to assure a life of health.

This year as I looked over my fitness goals from last year I realized that many of my friends don't make similar goals. The failing to plan is one of the reasons I feel that many people falter in their goal to lifelong fitness. After all, a builder uses a blue print to plan a house, shouldn't we all come up with a blueprint for our bodies?

My blueprint for lifelong fitness:

I will probably discuss my blueprint in more detail later, but I felt that if I was making this a priority I should challenge you guys to do the same. Why is this important? We all know that if we go to the store without a plan we buy anything that looks or sounds good. If we go to the mall without a goal we over shop and if we fail to plan for a life of health then we won't make it.

My blueprint is actually very detailed but I'm not going to bore anyone with everything on it. (If you've known me for more then a minute you'll know I'm a planner!) Here are the major areas of my healthy-life I felt I needed planning.

  • Nutrition - I don't believe in eating by accient, I plan meals to assure the optimum health benefit for me and my family. We do allow a once a week "blow it" meal and a "One treat a day" philosophy, but overall we all stick to a plan when it comes to the food that nourishes and feeds or bodies. I've always thought of food as the "fuel" for my car. If I drove a high-performance sports car I'd put top-of-the-line fuel in it. My body is a high performance machine and I like to treat it as such.
  • Aerobics - I love my heart. Cardiovascular fitness is how I prove it to my body. I want to be around to play with my grandkids and my great grandkids. I focus my heart health on a few high intensity aerobic workouts a week and daily low intensity sessions to help me keep that muscle healthy.
  • Weight Training - This is something I have to really focus on. Weight training is not a natural joy for me, so I've had to add it in doing this I enjoy like kayaking, or making myself hit the gym to focus on my "problem spots." (See my usual Tuesday blog ) Now that I'm entering the age where my bone density could become an issue, I know this one element of my overall fitness plan has to be a regular focus of mine.
  • Mental Health - It's taken a hurricane to make me realize how important this is, but over the last month I've realized how much we need to make sure we take care of the "touchy-feely" side of ourselves. While I've always taken Yoga for the toning/flexibility aspects, now I realize that I need the relaxation and calming factor too.

I challenge everyone to take a few minutes today and look at your fitness goals for the next year. Write them down and place them somewhere to help you remember that your blueprint to a healthier, more fit you is a commitment to a life of fitness.
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