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Set your 2010 Goals Now

Posted Dec 03 2009 8:30am

No reason to wait until the first of the year to set your goals, go ahead and identify what you want to accomplish in 2010.

I understand that everyone needs assistance in setting goals, and in some cases being reminded to set their goals.   Here at MGB, I have taken the responsibility of, let’s just say, assigning goals during this period of time.   This is a very tough time of the year.   It is cold, wet, dark and can be filled with Holiday pressures and setting a goal may seem to be a difficult task.   I consider these as contributing factors to what I term “non-emotion motion training”.   Motion Training is when a person comes in, does what they’re supposed to do, but trains with little or no emotion or intensity.   Basically, they are going through the motions, and trying to hang on until spring.

To help people through this period I recommend a couple of things.

1.        Identify an event that occurs early in the year that can help everyone focus on something to train for.   In the past and for this upcoming year I have put together a team for the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon.   (Our team name is MGB Strength, so if you’re looking for a team to join, or would just like to make a donation please check out our team page at


2.        I encourage people to revisit the goals that I had originally asked them to identify.   Occasionally, people will forget to update their goals.   I also ask people to post their goals somewhere they will see them daily.


3.      Remember how good it feels to exercise – Always keep in mind how positive it feels after you finish your workout.   I know for myself, the first couple of minutes of my workout might be difficult, but eventually I begin to feel much better, and I am always happy when I finish my workout.


4.      Try new things if your exercise becomes boring.   I actively weight train, inline skate and bike.   I do not really enjoy running, so if I tried to focus my efforts on running I would most likely be unsuccessful.


5.      Be mindful of your diet.   Most of what you accomplish with your training is influenced by your diet.   If you are eating badly, realizing gains in your fitness levels will be difficult.  


6.      Lastly visit your doctor at least yearly.   I look forward to getting my blood results.   It is a motivator for me.   I want to see good cholesterol numbers.   The only way I will continue to see the numbers I want is to regularly exercise, maintain a decent diet and maintain regular contact with my physician.


Good Luck in the coming year.   If you want any additional motivational ideas please contact me

Bill Heiselman, MS.

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