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Senior Citizen Exercise

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

Our Cincinnati senior citizen exercise program is a custom designed private personal training program specific to the needs of Cincinnati residents age 60+. The Force Fitness & Performance training team, led by trained exercise physiologist Patrick Striet, specializes in enhancing the fitness of middle-age and elderly individuals who not only want to get stronger and in better condition, but who also want to FEEL BETTER, FUNCTION BETTER and NOT GET HURT during their workouts.

"P. J. is an outstanding professional. He takes the time and effort to determine your specific fitness goals and originates a plan accordingly. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
-Bob Castellini, Owner & CEO, Cincinnati Reds

Our senior citizen exercise program is a comprehensive and hollistic fitness program which addresses all of the following:

1. Dynamic flexibility and functional joint range of motion with a special focus on the hips, spine, and shoulders

2. Corrective PRE-habilitation exercises which strengthen under developed, previously injured, and unbalanced muscle strucutres

3. Strength training to prevent loss of strength, muscle tone and function througout your middle-age and elderly years

4. Cardiovascular conditioning activities which strengthen the heart and lungs

5. Soft tissue work which breaks up "knots", tightness, and adhesions in various muscles

Unlike other area programs and fitness trainers which only address one or two of the above, we believe, as a senior citizen, you need ALL of the above to function properly, feel great, and live the lifestyle you deserve! Furthermore, we take special care to select exercises which have a track record of safety and are orthopedically appropriate. Finally, the intensity of your workouts will be sufficient and challenging enough to induce postive changes in your fitness, but not so hard as to leave you overly sore and aching the next day...remember, we want to find the happy medium between challenging AND health enhancing!

You deserve to feel strong, fit and healthy
while you ski, golf, hike, vacation and
play with your grand children!

If you've tried other trainers and programs in the past, but just didn't get the results you were seeking, or, worse yet, got hurt, we are your solution. We are trained exercise physiologists and certified personal trainers who are sensitive to your needs as Cincinnati baby boomers. Don't accept other area trainers and programs which put the health of your muscular and skeletal systems at risk by using inappropriate exercises and inappropriate resistance.

Don't accept programs which only address one or two components of your fitness, and neglect other areas such as joint range of motion, flexibility, and the quality of your soft tissue. We can can help you!
For more information about our baby boomer fitness program, please click HERE to email us with your questions. The Force Fitness & Performance team will be more than happy to provide with a free consultation to discuss your goals, and, we'll also provide you with a free training session so you can try out our program risk free. We hope to hear from you!
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