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Self-Massage -- An Important Part of Rest and Recovery

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:37pm

One thing I've noticed over my years as a coach is the number of clients experiencing pain - not just knee pain, but joint and muscle aches throughout the body.  And most times, they have no idea why they have it.

What's one method that's consistently provided them with relief from joint and muscle pain . . . While also helping them to regain flexibility, mobility, joint realignment and strength?


A vast majority of people think of enhancing health and fitness and they think about training hard and training consistently.  They think about eating a high-quality diet.  They even remember to rest, recognizing that the positive effects of training will only take hold with ample recovery.

Unfortunately, "rest" is typically treated as "synonymous with reduced activity," rather than taking action. . . and integrating short sessions of self-massage into your routine on a regular basis.

If this applies to you - and if aches and pains, or a lack of mobility are issues you've been dealing with - consider changing your habits and including self-massage as a regular part of your training routine.

Grab a foam roller, tennis ball, or " the stick."  Use your hands, . . . or borrow somebody else's. 

Give your muscles some TLC.  It's just as important as strengthening them, feeding them, and resting them - and will go a long way toward helping you function and feel better.

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