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Self Hypnosis MP3 to Conquer Addictions

Posted Dec 10 2010 4:15am

Chances are you haven’t heard of the term iDozer. This is a new form of recreation being referred to as a digital drug. With the health revolution in full swing, it’s not surprising to see such a trend in recreational drug use. The Digital Age has been born through the efforts of binaural beat creators; and for the health conscious, the medieval days of using traditional harmful drugs and alcohol to relax are now gone.

Mind modification and self hypnosis programs are gaining in popularity today. With all the self help books and courses, you must research which program is best for you. With iDozer, you are able to get the same effects of getting tipsy off your favorite drink without the risk of a hangover or making a fool of yourself. This digital cocktail is served up just by putting on a set of headphones.

Another advantage to iDozer are the missing physical side effects of alcohol or other substances. Why not avoid the hangover? By using just digital audio waves in an systematic order, you are able to transform your state of mind without the harmful remnants of a crazy party night.

This audio therapy was first created to help someone overcome and conquer an addiction using the subconscious mind. Relaxation plays a critical role in helping those with an addiction overcome it. It works by triggering the mind to break free from the habit forming compounds found in drugs and alcohol.

With Digital Drugs, iDozers, you will have the freedom to get “high” whenever you want and wherever you want. We all have our vices for relaxation. Passing drug screenings will no longer be a worry with iDozer MP3 Binaural Beats. iDozers can bring about a sense of Self-Confidence that is conducive for gaining the edge in everyday situations.Most of us have experienced moments lacking in Self-Confidence. This lack of confidence can limit our ability to make friends and keep them. It’s all to common for people to “pre-game” it at a local bar or at a friend’s house in order to get that “buzz” on to prepare you for the outside world.

There are some points to make note of. Because of the nature of these audio files, some youngs take them as a form of trying to get high. Although there are not physical side effects or limits to these, parents should be aware of these product as well. I’m not preaching but its important that with anything, moderation and smart decisions help. Also, it is gaining popularity among young professionals who want to enjoy the night out without having to suffer the next day with a painful hangover.

The audio and sound wave of iDozer Binaural Beat Therapy works by creating a sense of euphoria. This works by stimulating your brain and by bringing your theta brain waves to a resting state. You are able to feel a relaxed without the physical effects of harmful carcinogens.

Getting “high” is only a few clicks away. All you will need is the iDozer MP3 file, an MP3 player and headphones to achieve this state of bliss. It’s time to complete your Digital Drug toolbox by downloading the iDozer MP3s from any reputable Binaural Beat Therapy download site to get ready for the Age of Digital Drugs. There are many who are concerned about the effect that Digital Drugs will have on our youth and therefore are attempting to ban or suppress the distribution of iDozers.

By putting a negative spin on iDozer MP3s or Digital Drugs, those concerned will only create more curiosity in the public realm and the inevitable acceptance of Digital Drugs will be achieved.There are no side effects to listening to iDozers and therefore, the government is fearful that Digital Drugs will become TOO appealing to our youth and destroy the foundation of our future. On the flip side, when used responsibly, iDozer MP3s can prevent people from participating in dangerous and illicit activities that often surround the street drug culture. You’re only a few click away to live happy, live healthy and get high! For years, Binaural Beat Therapy has been reserved for a select few who have realized the power and have used these powers for personal gain and happiness. Suppression and lack of awareness has kept iDozers in the shadows of traditional recreational drugs.

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