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Searching for my shirataki love (video)

Posted Jul 09 2010 1:00am

Ahhh the tofu shirataki noodle .

I’ve had a love (the promise of them) hate (when they’re actually in my mouth) relationship with them for nearly a decade.

Initially I tried them because regular pasta provides me with an all-body-rash the likes of which you never wanna see.

And Ive tried em two or three times a year since because I seem to be one of the *few* who can’t get past the smell to the tofu-goodness beneath (or so Im told).

Each time I try them Ren Man gags laughs as he thinks Im a nutball (technical term) for trying.


Easily said by the non-rashriddledbypasta husband, huh?

Recently  I tried again & this time I dragged the Tornado into the mix’periment.

I rinsed & rinsed & rinsed the noodles (the package indicates this helps to remove the “authentic aroma.’  Just a word of caution that aforementioned authenticity smells like FISH.) & plopped em on a napkin.

And, as HIGHLY recommended, I dried for a longass while with paper towels.

This act is supposed to help remove even more of the ‘authentic aroma’ though Id not found it much help the previous 847583 times I attempted to locate my shirataki-love.  (I guess it begs addressing here that the noodles may be GLUTEN FREE but they are NOT green given all the paper products required in their preparation.)

I boiled them *briefly* (2 minutes) & plopped em in a bowl.

Then, being the noncook I am, suddenly realized I possessed *nothing* to go on top.

No tomatosauceshreddedcheesealfredopestowhatwhat I could utilize to give the shirataki *flavor* as the noodles (like many tofu items) take on the flavors around them.

AND THEN I SPIED THIS (& immediately thought of these fab bloggers & how they’d love to mock me should I use it in a post) AND I COULDNT RESIST.

I tried it.

The Tornado tried it.

And this time, finally, we LIKED IT!

**cue confetti shaped like long squiggly strands of tofu**

Now you.

have you already found your shirataki-love?

still searching as I was?

never heard of the noodle till this wanna-be food blogger post?

Please to hit us all up in the comments…

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