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Searching for a Cause

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

Be OnlineJust Be Fit

Biray with Brooke & Peter This weekend I attended my college roommate’s wedding. The invitation read “Your presence is the only presents they request.” While I wanted to honor the couple’s request, I didn’t quite feel comfortable showing up empty-handed. After consulting my Twitter friends for ideas, I thought the best ‘no-gift’ gift would be one that would make their new world a better place. So, I made a contribution to an environmenal cause on their behalf.

As I was searching the internet for different charities, I came across a few search engines that exclusively supported health-related causes. Here’s what I mean: let’s say you search for the word ‘health’ on Google or Yahoo!, in addition to the results, you’ll find paid ads specific to health on the page somewhere. These ads help fund search engines so we can freely surf the web. Charity search engines perform the same tasks as Google and Yahoo! (often times they are powered by them) but donate generated ad revenue to a charity of choice!

A simple Google search for “charity search engines” will get you a list of various sites you can use or simply check out Top 15 Charity Search Engines. Each site varies between the cause they support (although most allow you to choose from a huge list of charities). Some range from 50-100% donations. Others limit the times you can search on their site, though most are unlimited.

I’ve been playing with a few, and have really found these to be either the most user-friendly or applicable to the health-fitness industry.

Clicks 4 Cancer Clicks4cancer donates their ad revenue to various cancer foundations.

SeachGiveSearchGive helps you select charities by belief, cause, cure, or foundation. Just type in words like ‘diabetes’ or ‘wellness’ and you can usually find the charity of choice.

GoodSearch One of the reasons why I like GoodSearch is because you can select a charity by city/state. It’s nice to see local charities getting support within their community. Also, you can see how much money each charity has recieved from their searches. So, if you’re a non-profit looking for a fundraising opportunity, this is a great way to get listed and track your progress.

Some others I like are GreenSpider (a search engine that supports the environment) and Ripple (helping to fight poverty around the world). They seem to be more than just a search engine - they help promote a movement across the web. With corresponding Facebook groups, web apps and/or widgets to add to your blog, these help in spreading support.

If you’re like me, you’re probably online daily searching for information. Having found these resources, now we all can make our efforts online more meaningful! So go ahead - search for a cause !

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