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Sceptical about Liposuction Surgery?

Posted Jul 16 2010 10:09pm

We’ve all read about and seen the horror stories regarding liposuction and I have to admit that I was very sceptical until one of my friends asked if I’d come over and take care of her after her visit to the clinic to have what she called ‘her fat deposits sucked away’.

To say the least I was surprised, as she had never struck me as being the type that would even consider this type of liposuction surgery. But I wanted to help her, so we agreed to meet up and talk about the details.

The appointment for liposuction on her tummy and thighs had been made for the next day and I agreed to drive her to the clinic and pick her up again a few hours later, which I did.

When I picked her up, my friend didn’t look as though she’d gone through with the treatment, and somehow I was relieved, as I still wasn’t convinced that this was a good idea for anyone – I mean exercise and a good diet is all you need – right?.

Apart from a little swelling and feeling groggy from the local anaesthetic she was looking her usual self.

It’s now 4 weeks since she had the liposuction treatment and again I’m surprised. She’s lost three inches from her tummy and her waist has shrunk two inches with her thighs losing an amazing three and a half inches, which is incredible.

What’s more important – my friend, has not suffered any side effects. After only two or three days she was back to her normal self, with no signs at all that she’d just undergone abdominal liposuction surgery or thigh liposuction surgery.

After hearing about my friend’s surgery first hand, I’m not so sceptical about this treatment any more. It might not suit everyone though and since there are various types of treatment to get rid of excess fat deposits, if you’re considering liposuction – do lots of research before making your decision and going ahead.

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