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Savoring Structure

Posted by tamara h.

Bringing a routine into your life can really help you stay religious on those things in life we are obligated to obey – namely work, diet, and exercise. I used to be very anti-calendar, thinking, if I can’t remember it in my head then it probably wasn’t very important in the first place! That was until I missed my first dance class (that I was teaching!) and then I realized I did in fact need some sort of assistance with my every day activities.

While I never did get very faithful with the whole calendar concept, but I did start to learn how having a daily routine can really benefit my life in general. For example, waking up at the same time each day can be very beneficial to the rest of your day. It may be tempting to hit that snooze button, but being in a regular sleep pattern will help you to stay more alert at work and focused at the tasks at hand. Try to set a strict routine with your sleeping and rising, - you will notice a difference!

It is also a good idea to try your best to eat around the same times each day. This helps your body’s metabolism stay regular and also will help with your above mentioned sleep patterns as well!

Exercising on a set schedule will help you find newfound motivation to go to the gym. Once it is set in a place where it's an obvious void in your day when you don't go, it will be much easier to get in the car and just go do it! Don't toy around with the idea of exercising only once or twice a week - set it in your schedule as a permanent fixtue, and you'll see results!

Lastly, setting a routine or goal at work - such as taking on projects one at a time rather than attempting to multi task can lead to increased productivity, happy supervisors, and perhaps a raise or two along the way!

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If I over-schedule then that can be stressful and make me feel hemmed in. So I try to have certain things that are scheduled but offer myself a lot of open space and flexibility. For myself, I manage projects using multiple to-do lists (using my "Hipster PDA") and that works best for me rather than scheduling in strict blocks of time. Half the time I am doing three things at once but that keeps my brain going. I think a lot of this is individual and we all have to come up with structures and open spaces that work for our individual personalities and needs.
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