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Saving Your Resolution from Extinction

Posted Jan 19 2013 2:13pm

So here we are on the 21st day of January and you still haven’t moved forward much on that resolution to lose weight and get in better shape have you? I am right there with you, I can’t believe January is almost over! It all started out fine and you resolved that you would really do it this time, yet here you are once again. You still have time, you can still do it. You still have the opportunity to make this time, the one that works!

Ok, let’s get started on saving your resolution so you can make a totally different one next year.

I have just the thing for you, the Weight Loss & Wellness Summit 2013. The best thing about this is that you can learn 30 different ways to lose weight and get healthy and its all free. We started it last week, but we have another week to go so you have time.

Look at who’s on the agenda this coming week:
Chef Kahlil WycheChef Kahlil Wyche
Executive Chef, Philanthropist, Pastor and Mentor talks with us about Catering to your Weight Loss Journey
What you will learn:
•    What are the 3 S’s that can derail your weight loss journey?
•    Why is eating breakfast so important?
•    How to keep your plate colorful and exciting


Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell shares her story of how she made a comeback to health and fitness by losing 50 lbs with Beach Body and now is helping others to do the same.




Dr. Lori ShemekDr. Lori Shemek shares the toxic effects of certain foods and lifestyle choices and how they create inflammation in the body and how to avoid them
What you will learn:
•    What is inflammation and how does it affect your weight?
•    Sugar, fat and water: How do they affect your weight?
•    The best food to eat to lose weight

A B KaplanAB Kaplan, MS, NCC, LPC, an intensely trained DBT therapist specializing in addiction/recovery; shares with us about how you can tell if you are addicted to food and the steps to take control and really get healthy.
What you will learn:
•    How to know if you really are addicted to food
•    Discover how you can help yourself or a loved one to overcome food addition
•    What are some “self-care” techniques to implement for your wellness journey

This is just quick sample of who will be on the calls and what you will learn. Honestly, you really can’t afford to miss this. All you have to lose is the weight!

These experts (my friends and colleagues) have agreed to share all this information with you to help  you get real strategies and solutions you can put into play right after you finish listening to their interview. My partner in this project, Dana Dunn helped me to put this whole thing together and we are so happy to share it with you.

Dana and I believe that you should be and to lose all the weight you want and we’re helping  you to save your resolution by bringing together these 30 experts who are all sharing their best weight loss and get healthy techniques that really work.

Get registered right now!

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