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Safely Curing Excessive Underarm Perspiration

Posted Sep 28 2010 5:26am

Those that suffer from excessive sweating, know that it can and very often is an embarrassing condition to have, especially when it just turns up without warning at any time whether you’re at work, at social events, or just about anywhere at any time – it strikes when you’re least expecting it. Fortunately, there are safe and natural ways to cure excessive underarm perspiration, where a little bit of help on your part and this article can be of help.

Use High Quality Anti-Perspirants

Don’t just use any deodorant and hope for the best. If you want to cure excessive underarm perspiration, you need an anti-perspirant which is high in aluminum chloride content. This will help to reduce the sweating as well as the odor. But be warned – keep your eye out for skin irritation. To make sure, do a skin test by putting a little deodorant on the back of your hand. If that spot starts to become red, inflamed or itchy – you could be allergic and/or risk a skin irritation. Don’t use any talcum powder as this tends to get trapped in hair follicles and pores, causing clogging and possibly more skin irritation.

Oral Medication for Excessive Sweating

Consult with your doctor if your sweating is getting out of hand. If your sweating is a result of a malfunctioning nervous system, then your doctor may prescribe you some oral medication to help cure excessive underarm perspiration.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy

This method is probably the last resort you want to take to cure excessive underarm perspiration, but many people take this route in a desperate attempt to get rid of this awful condition. This is a surgery performed on your armpits to remove the sweat glands and solve the excessive sweating problem. Being treated with Safely Eliminate Excessive Sweating surgery is rather drastic, so think well about it first before going ahead.

Additional information to Help You Stop Excessive Underarm Perspiration

Although excessive sweating is irritating, it’s a very important bodily function that helps maintain our body temperature. Don’t get flustered or lose sight of hope  if the methods you’ve tried to cure excessive underarm perspiration aren’t working straight away. Try to start at the core of the problem and properly deal with this aspect first before deciding on what treatment is right for you.

Drink more water so that your body is hydrated and temperature is maintained. Green tea can also be helpful in getting rid of toxins in the body that could be clogging your pores.

Avoid alcohol or caffeine, as they dehydrate the body and increase metabolism which raises body heat. Rich, oily and spicy food should also be avoided in order to cure excessive underarm perspiration.

Try to avoid wearing synthetic fibers if you sweat excessively. Natural fabrics like cotton are not only comfortable; but easy to wash and can be found in the latest fashion items too.

Always keep a bottle of deodorant with you, in your car, handbag and in the closet at work. All these methods will help you cure excessive underarm perspiration and get you on the way to living your life to the full again, without this annoying condition controlling your everyday life. To help cure excessive underarm perspiration follow these tips, if your problem persists, contact your doctor for professional advice.

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