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Russian Kettlebells Exercise for Fitness, Deck Squats

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm
I want to burn fat without jogging and doing endless hours of cardio, I'm sorry, but jogging sucks! The main tool I use to complete this goal are my Russian Kettlebells. Now, in the posts below you will see tons of different exercises and idea to achieve your goals, but here is an exercise that is really underated for getting you in shape fast. The Deck Squat.
The Deck Squat is a full body movement where you start on your back and end up either jumping or pressing the kettlebell overhead. It is an explosive movement so be careful when first trying it out. Rather than explaining the whole drill with words, I have posted a video below for you to see. Watch it several times before attempting this as I don't want you to get hurt.
The Russian Kettlebell Deck Squat will strengthen your abdominals, legs, back and shoulders while at the same time get your breathing and heart rate up. What this means is it will elevate your metabolism for about a 24 hour period of you do enough of them in a workout session. You can use deck squats as part of your Kettlebell Circuit or do an entire workout that consists of nothing but them. One idea would be to do as many sets of 10 reps as possible with a 30 second rest between sets. Once you can't do 10 any more just do as many reps as possible until it is impossible to do even one. When you can't do any deck squats any more, switch to an easier exercise like kettlebell swings.
Continue the workout with sets of swings (10-50 reps per set with a 30 second rest) until you can't do any more swings. By this time I guarantee you your metabolism will be in full gear and the fat burning will begin.
The nice thing about a workout like this is it is not stressfull because the weight is low, so you could do it daily or throw it in when you are feeling a little burnt out. If you don't have a Russian Kettlebell, you could use a dumbbell or a weight plate instead. Just make sure you have a good grip!
Check out the video below and see if it looks like something you would like to try.

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