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Running injury and Head Trash!

Posted Jul 06 2013 11:28am

It’s happened!  I’m so sad and I hope it is very short lived.  I got up this morning early with the plan to do about 8 miles!  I dressed for the heat and the humid temps but as soon as I took off I knew something wasn’t right.  I get this pain every so often in my right groin.  It’s usually temporary and I typically feel it when I am running up and down the stairs.  Well, as soon as started running morning there it was.  I thought that maybe it would go away over time so I kept on running.  Then I started to experience pain in my left glute (AKA my butt!)  I got about 4 1/2 miles in and decided I had to stop and walk!  I spent the next 2 1/2 miles home on my walk listening to that darn head trash.  I tired to run but every time I picked up a little speed the groin pain came back.

I told myself that the good sign was that I had no pain while walking and that this had to be temporary!  I also thought back to the last few months and realized how much running and racing I had been doing and I also added in more Tabata Bootcamp this week.  Too much running and jumping… this is hopefully and probably just a case of overuse!

During my walk home I called Athletico and made an appointment for free injury eval on Tuesday morning.  So, if am not better I have a plan in place.

For the next couple of days these will be my best friends!

IMG_4838 The Elmo ice pack is actually pretty perfect for groin pain!  Anyone have any suggestions?
Lots of stretching on the foam roller!

I can’t tell you how much head trash I have going on!  It’s like there are these little voices in my head yelling at me.  I’m going to allow myself to be sad for just a short while longer and then move on with the day!  Hoping that this is very short term!  Do you experience head trash?

On a random note frozen grapes are my favorite summer snack!  Last week I bought grapes on sale at Whole Foods and packaged them into snack bags and threw them in the freezer!


So yummy!  These make me happy!

Alright, time to enjoy these awesome summer temps and heat!

Hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget about the Vega Sport giveaway.

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