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Running After Baby: Jogging Stroller Fun

Posted Jun 12 2011 7:10am

Hi! This is Erin from

My experience with running with Baby has not been anywhere close to what I thought it would be. In my head I envisionedthis great experience where I was a super fit mom, always taking my Baby to run with me, and he would enjoy it just as much as me. Boy, was I wrong.

Before I got preggo last year, running was a favorite pastime of mine. I loved how it made me feel (and look). I attempted to run while preggers, but I was super sick so that didn’t work out too well. So, I sat on the couch and dreamed of the day I could hit the road again once Baby arrived.

And then he arrived….and after being cleared by the doctor, I was ready to roll. At first, I took it easy and got someone to watch Baby while I ran. Then once I felt ready, I got his stroller ready and off we went!

Oh.My.Gah! I ran about 2 ½ miles, but it felt like I ran about 10! Now, I was using his regular stroller instead of a jogging stroller (because I just hadn’t made it out to get one yet). Theregular stroller was hard for 2 reasons.
1.SO. HEAVY. I looked up the weight of thestroller+carseat, and it weighs FIFTY POUNDS! Add in my chunky-monkey, and I was pushing around 62 lbs on that short run. No wonder it felt like 10 miles! The next day, I was sore all over from pushing that around.
2.That stroller really isn’t made for running. The wheels are not made for hard use, and they don’t go over things well,like sticks and other things on the ground. The handle is soft, so it feels really gross when I get sweaty. My feet hit the basket on the bottom when I get into a really long stride. And the handle isn’t far enough away from me, so I feel like I can’t get it far enough in front of me to run comfortably.

After that bit of fun (or not!), I was blessed with a jogging stroller from my sister-in-law. It is a Baby Trend that isn’t very old and had only been lightly used, so it’s in great condition. I was really excited to use it, and I thought to myself about how much easier it was going to be than that stupid big stroller. The first problem was getting back out the front door once I (okay, fine, my husband) got it put back together. It was difficult to navigate between couches and baby toys, but I figured once I got it out, it would be just fine. Well….
I got it out to the driveway, got the baby all strapped in, and off I went. WOW! It was SO HARD!

So, apparently, the front wheel on a jogging stroller does not turn. WHAT?!?! Yes, I said the front wheel does not turn. Apparently, some are made that have the front wheel to turn optionally, but you’re supposed to lock it into not-turning when you run with it. I asked why that was, and was told that if you leave it unlocked it twists and turns all over the place and rattles back and forth, making it extremely hard to control.

So how, you ask, do you make it turn? Well let me just tell you….you have to lean the stroller back enough to make the front wheel come off the ground and it turns like a dream. The only problem with that is that….yeah, you have to take the front wheel off the ground….while running….with your baby in it. Hmm….I don’t like it. Also, I have not been very successful with it so far, lol! There must be an art to it, because I’m NO good at it (art + me = fail…haha). AND -everybody knows I’m a huge bit of a klutz, so it kind of scares me having to do this period, even more while running! Not to mention how SORE my arms are after doing that!! So, it would be perfect to use on a straight track, but it’s not so perfect for use in a neighborhood with turns and cul-de-sacs.

All of that being said, it did roll very nicely, and didn’t give me any trouble going over sticks and such. It was much lighter than the regular stroller, so it was much easier to push. And the handle was far enough away that I didn’t feel like I was right on top of it. The basket was small enough so that I didn’t kick it. I’m glad I have it, because it is nice to get out of the house with him, and to be able to do something for me at the same time.

Lesson learned: Find out how something works before using it, or before creating these fairy tale images of greatness in your head.

Oh, and if at all possible, get somebody to watch the baby while you run. :-)

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