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Run, run, run!

Posted May 07 2010 6:33am

Good morning beauties!

You’ll never believe what happened yesterday!

Tom and I went on our first run together!

It was awesome. :)

I’m pretty sure we are going to be running a 5K on June 20th, so we needed to start preparing. And when I say we, I mean I. Tom could probably sprint a 5K from start to finish with no training and be fine. I on the other hand have a lot of work to do, and that’s exactly what Tom told me yesterday when we were running.

For one thing, I’m not used to running outside. I sprinted with Nana outside on Sunday and my shins hurt for days! We ran around the lake in Schenley Park yesterday, which is pretty flat, but also ran around a small trail once, which was mostly up hill. I really just wanted to impress Tom, unfortunately I can never run as far outside as I can on a treadmill, so we took a few breaks now and then. We ended up going around the lake four times, although I wanted to quit after each time around. Tom pushed me though, which I knew he would, which is why I always tried to get him to go with me. On the last time around, I told him I didn’t think I could do anymore. He told me I could go around 10 more times if I really wanted to. He insists that he only pushed me to about 50 percent of my ability, and that one of these days he’s going to push me to 100 percent. I probably will fall into the lake. lol.

So we tried to guess how far our run was. We decided maybe around 2 + miles. Yup. I have a while to go. I really enjoyed running with Tom and I can’t wait to go again. :) Running with him, I have no doubt that I’ll be ready for the 5k in June.

The worst part about the run was not about my breathing or my legs hurting, it’s these pounding headaches I get when I work out. I’ve done some research and found that they are  called exercise induced headaches or exertion headaches. I hydrate really well before and during and after my workouts, I’ve tried gatorade and powerade, and recently, my doctor suggested taking 400 mg Magnesium. I also make sure to do a good warm up. The head ache lasted for hours and didn’t go away until I took Excedrin. I just hate taking things like that too often. I’m kind of at a loss for what to do though. If anyone has any advice on preventing exercise induced headaches, please let me know.

So while we’re on the subject of running, one of the women at work, Megan (who just finished the Pittsburgh Half Marathon) will be running the 5k on June 20th in some interesting footwear. She let me try one on.

No, not the gladiator sandal. Lol. The shoes are supposed to simulate running barefoot. They’re called vibram five fingers . To be honest, I have freakishly long big toes (my friends call them razor toes), so my toe was kind of crammed in there. Other than that, it was pretty comfortable. I think I need more arch support when I’m running because of my reconstructive foot surgery, but they may be a good option for other people.

And finally, my professors have posted all of my grades:

I’m satisfied with this semesters grades, except I feel like I deserved an A in my Myth and Folklore class. I got a C- on the first essay and improved to an A- on the second one. Not to mention I only had one absence, I participated a lot, and I got a perfect score on our homework assignment. I’m not going to dwell on it though.

Well I’m off to the gym with my friend Crystal. She’s an amazing person to work out with because she has on the most in shape bodies I’ve ever seen (she used to be a dancer), and you can’t help but be motivated by her.

Have a great day everyone, it looks like another nice one :)

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