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Rowing Workout For Instant Fat Loss and Conditioning

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:11am

If you aim to count the calories and lose fat in no time while improving your anaerobic, aerobics and whole staying power but then you’re sick to the back teeth of running the whole time therefore you’re going to have a thing about this article in relation to rowing.

Yesterday I did another one of my rowing workouts on the rowing machine at the gym and boy did it kick my ass ” AGAIN! This article will teach you all about rowing for exercise, why you should do it, and the most effective way to do rowing exercises to burn fat fast

What’s Rowing?

Rowing is a workout where you get on a machine with a handle connected to a cable of some type and you position your feet in straps. You subsequently row by pulling the cable backwards towards your chest as you thrust with through your heels (like a squat movement). The seat you sit on moves towards the back then you can push yourself away.

Why Should You Row?

When most people think of cardio training they only think of running. Running is great and all, but I get sick of it after a short while. I absolutely cant stand long slow steady state cardio anyways, and any time I run I do sprint interval training.

But rowing is a fantastic workout since it is more upper body dominant, and will give you a time out from conventional cardio workouts such as running, bicycling, and all that.

Its also one of the few cardio exercises that hits all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles.

Its great for your cardiovascular conditioning, and you can easily do interval training on it because you can adjust both the resistance level of the row, and you can vary your speed easily (like on a bicycle).

How Should You Row For Maximum Fat Loss?

Here’s the workout I did yesterday and the one you should try if youre in good shape and want to torch some body fat off quickly. It only takes FIVE to SIX minutes, but I promise you you’ll know you had a great workout!

Here’s how to do it:

* Row at a continuous pace for 1-2 minutes to loosen up

* Work Interval: At the minute mark Row as powerful and promptly as you can for 20 seconds

* Rest Interval: Row at your warm up time for 10 seconds

* Go over your work/rest interval 8 more times

* You’re done!

Now’s the time to be on your feet, tell your heart its NOT going to break through your chest and if push comes to shove, you may want to throw up. By round 6, 7 and 8 you’re going to REALLY be short of breath and think you cant continue (this is if you’re really rowing as powerful and promptly as you can during your work intervals)

In spite of this stick it out ” you wont be going that fast in your last couple rounds but the important part is Amount of effort in short you are MAKING AN EFFORT to row as quickly and as intense as you can (though you can only handle an average speed).

Whats So Fantastic About This Exercise?

This is the well-known tabata procedure. Researchers discovered that people who took pleasure in the routine five days a week for six weeks developed their full aerobic capacity by 14% GOOD THING, they also increased anaerobic capacity by 28%.

Besides, scientists became aware that the people in the wake of the tabata protocol burned 9 TIMES MORE FAT than a group that worked out for an hour a day (carrying out steady-state aerobics). Plus your metabolism remains revved up and burns more fat until 48 hours after the Tabata protocol.

When Do You Need To Perform This Exercises?

Give it a go on your rest days. You can substitute a cardio workout of sprints and a cardio workout in this manner with rowing to keep your body from adapting and for variety in your cardio routines. If youre going along with the DoubleYourGains 3-5 program you’ll have 2-3 rest days for every week. You could do this rowing routine on one rest day and a different cardio routine on the other to keep it new or just do this routine on both days, its your preference.

You’ll get a better feel for how frequently you can do this routine and still restore your health once you’ve done it a few times. So get out there and try it now!

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