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Row, Row, Row Or Bloat

Posted Jun 30 2009 9:40pm

I promise it's there in your gym.

It's usually hidden, so you'll have to look carefully to find it.

It's usually covered with dust and cobwebs...

...the machine AND the people that are usually on it.

What underrated calorie burning machine am I talking about?

The rowing machine!

I know, it's not flashy. 

I know, it's not sexy. 

I know, it reminds you of your grandfather. 

But, that Mo-Fo burns some crazy calories!

It works a ton of different muscles too: quads, glutes, lower back, upper back, and back of shoulders.

Here are the estimates for doing 30 minutes at a moderate pace:

137 lb. person = 222 calories 

157 lb. person = 255 calories

176 lb. person = 291 calories

Mix up your cardio routine by putting in some time on the rower. 

It's a great way to cross train too, if you are a runner or biker.

Try it the next time you go to the gym, start off easy for a short period of time (5-10 minutes) and build up to longer endurance workouts (30+ minutes).

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