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Rotator Cuff Tool Helps StrongMan Recover from Shoulder Injury

Posted Jul 12 2012 2:27pm

I read a lot of blogs … stuff that really interests me … topics like fitness, health, kettlebells, physical therapy, athletic training, paleo living, entrepreneurship, blogging, web development … just to name a few.

Back in December, I was reading an article by Dan Cenidoza .  Dan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, RKC, professional strongman and the owner of Art & Strength .  These credentials are very modest … to see what I mean, you need to read some of Dan’s accomplishments .

Here’s a good video demonstrating Dan’s strength level

Click here to view the embedded video.

Shoulder Injury From a Negligent Driver

Anyway, I was reading Dan’s article and saw that he was in physical therapy for a shoulder injury.  He was rear-ended by someone on a cell-phone.  Here’s a quote from Dan’s article that motivated me to offer to send him a Rotater in the hopes it would help:

…This has put a huge damper on my training and I am not happy about it. Very discouraging. There are many exercises I cannot do without pain. So, I do what I can. And most of the time when I do finally get an hour block to workout, I do my physical therapy exercises. It’s not very exciting but I feel better when I do them and worse when I don’t do them, yet I feel even worse when I try to work through the pain and do pull ups or bend steel when I am not supposed to…

Dan Cenidoza’s Rotater Testimonial

After using the Rotater for several months, Dan sent me an email saying … “I think between rest, rehab and the Rotater, I’m all fixed up“.  And offered this testimonial for the Rotater:

I started using the Rotater in conjunction with a therapy program to rehabilitate my shoulder. I had limited ROM in internal rotation and weak external rotation. The Rotater fit the bill in both aspects and made it easy to train the rotator cuff muscles. I’ve always found rotator cuff work kinda boring and inconvenient but the Rotater is actually fun to use. It allows you to hit every conceivable angle with simple adjustments. I would recommend this tool for serious trainers and therapists alike.

Dan Cenidoza, CSCS, RKC
Professional Strongman
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Owner of Art & Strength

Who is Paying Attention and Wants a FREE Rotater

As noted above, we sent Dan a FREE Rotater.  Now here’s your chance to win a FREE Rotater.  We are going to give away ONE FREE Rotater to the first person who reads this article and leaves a comment sharing their shoulder story.  Nothing fancy, just tell us about your shoulder and why you want a FREE Rotater.

Comments are being moderated to prevent spam, but I’ll post the first one sharing their shoulder story as the winner.  So, what are you waiting for?  Be the FIRST to share their shoulder story and win a FREE Rotater !!

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