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Ropeless jump rope!

Posted by Renee T.

You have to see this - I just found it while searching around online - a ropeless jump rope! It's actually pretty cool, you can get a full workout of jumping rope, but without having to stop every time the rope hits your legs, or find extra space. The one I found is called jumpsnap -
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I went to the Jumpsnap website and must agree that it is not ony innovative and creative, but a great option for getting a jump rope workout without the frutstration of tripping up on the cumbersome 'rope'. Just a word of caution.....jump roping is a high impact activity that needs to be done in moderation and with caution. Although the website does an excellent job touting the 'benefits' of jump roping compared to other activities (i.e. significant caloric expenditure), like the treadmill, it also needs to share some of the risks associated with high impact cardio activities. High impact activities have an increased risk of injury, due to their intense, jarring nature. Remember to take 1-2 days off after a high impact workout, especially for the novice exerciser. Proper, supportive footwear is another concern. The repetitive impact, typically up and down in one place puts increased strain on the lower leg/foot musculature. For this reason, spend extra time stretching the calf, and shin muscles following this type of workout. If you are an older adult, suffer from osteoporosis/osteoarthritis, or any other lower body joint limitation, this workout may not be for you. The increased risk of injury, far outweighs any benefits. Rope jumping is an excellent high impact cardiovascular exercise option, but proceed with caution.
Now, I have to say that the jump rope always seemed to me a great option for working out simply because of the fact that if I got too lazy to jump, the rope would hit me! Nobody wants that, or to get all tangled up and trip over it, so I would jump! And keep jumping! This was an extreme motivator, whereas hearing a snapping sound doesn't really seem like it's going to get my party started.
Just jump up and down, and wave your hands and arms as if you were using a jump rope! Not to be too skeptical...I do know that it's hard to use a jump rope inside...but I just can't imagine how satisfying it could possibly be without the rope. The whole thing that makes jumping rope fun to me is the rope part. And yes, even the part where you might trip on the rope. That's where the challenge comes in. Well, to each their own.
I loved jumping rope as a kid. If you're worried about injuring yourself try this wrkout on a mini trampoline. They are inexpensive, will fit under your bed and best of all, absorb most of the impact while still giving you a great workout.
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