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Rock Star Hangover Remedy

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:27pm
It's Friday night and like a good boy or girl you are off to the library when you get a call from your friends. Before you know it you've ditched studying for the bar - to go to one! Now there is nothing wrong with skipping the library to party like a rock star once in a while, except for the next day.

Now it's Saturday afternoon when you open your blurry eyes to the 'rock star hangover':

  • Mouth drier than the Mohave

  • Leather pants on the floor

  • Head pounding like a Chevy Impala

  • A guitar through your drum set

  • Dizzier than when you get off the tea cup ride at Disneyland

  • Clothes whipped around your apartment like a tornado touched down

  • Random groupies passed out in your bed, on your couch, on the floor, maybe even one in your bathtub

.... just a typical Saturday morning at Lance's

You usually cure your hangover with something greasy, fatty, salty, and anything considered unhealthy in all 50 states and 7 continents. How did this trend start?!

Party Like A ... Quaker?

Research from Wales shows that the best food for a hangover maybe oatmeal! Mood and memory tests were reported to be higher for hungover college students who ate a meal of slowly digestible carbohydrates (think whole wheat, multigrain) rather than simple carbohydrates.

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