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Review of a Bodybuilder's Blog

Posted Jun 09 2008 7:08am

I have been into health and fitness for more than 20 years, and I started down that path by reading the classic Muscle & Fitness magazine. When I was asked to review a blog that was written by a bodybuilder, I thought that would be an experience worth sharing.

The site in question is called FitnessInfoGuru, and it is written by former pro bodybuilder Vince DelMonte. I checked out Vince's No-Nonsense Muscle Building program, and although I don't own it, I did get the impression that Vince has a clue what he is talking about.

His blog also has some good articles on it, although it is very new and still needs to get a lot of content added to it, and on a more regular basis. The site has been up for 3 months, and there are only 5 posts. Those 5 posts have some great info, though, so they are definitely worth checking out.

Vince also offers a Free Book called "Insane Muscle Gain Report" and it is available as an immediate download from the home page of his site. When I was there, that link was broken, but I'm sure Vince will have that fixed by the time you click on over to check it out.

The primary information that Vince is wanting to share with others is how to build muscle and gain weight, and he claims that his program works for hardgainers as well as skinny guys. In addition, Vince does not endorse the use of steroids of any kind, and says that his program is all natural.

If you have ever tried to put on muscle mass, yet met with challenges, Vince's information is definitely worth checking out. Adding muscle to your body is just like anything else - there is a system to how it works. If you follow the system, you get the results!

Overall, I think that Vince has a great start, and as long as cranks up the frequency of his blog posts, his site should do well, and become a great resource for people wanting to get the inside scoop from someone who has built their own level of fitness all the way up through the professional bodybuilding level.

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