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Review - Cathe Friedrich: Intensity

Posted Nov 30 2010 2:24pm
Intensity Workout Details and Review

If Intensity is the game, Cathe Friedrich is the name!  Intensity is one of Cathe Friedrich’s most recent DVD releases.  Intensity is a 57 minute workout that combines the best of the best of Cathe’s workout repertoire.  In this workout you will find plyometrics, step, High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT), Low Impact, High Impact, Bootcamp and much, much more.  Intensity also has everything you have come to expect from Cathe Friedrich from excellent production quality, great music, and plenty of workout options – premixes – not just one or two, nine premixes - and a bonus boot camp segment.  In case it may have escaped you here, I am a huge fan of Cathe Friedrich and her workouts. 

Intensity begins with a thorough warm-up to get you ready for the intense workout ahead.  The main workout includes Intensity Step, Intensity Max,  Intensity HiiT (high impact), Intensity HiiT (Low impact) and a cool-down and stretch.  In the step portion of the workout you will find some favorite moves from previous workouts as well as some new moves put together in a way to keep the workout fresh, interesting and fun.  The HiiT high impact workout keeps the intensity coming with a 2:1 work to rest ratio.  This routine has power moves like lateral jumps, lateral leaps, tuck jumps, air jacks, burpees and flying angels.  Cathe has you working for sixty seconds followed by a brief active recovery for thirty seconds.  The HiiT low impact workout keeps the jumps out but the intensity still elevated. With windmills, puddle jumpers and lunges with elbow strikes, you are sure to continue working hard, with shorter recovery times thrown in to keep the heart rate elevated.  Intensity is a challenging workout but with so much variety it has a high fun factor to keep you working and burning calories.  The workout is also extremely versatile.  With so many premixes to choose from, you can find a Timesaver workout option for when you are short on time or a Maximum Intensity option for when you are looking for the ultimate challenge.     

Cathe’s latest series also includes  High Reps, Lower Body Blast and STS Total Body  - an accompaniment to her popular STS series.  This series is also available in downloadable format to use with her newest technological breakthrough, The Workout Blender, a desktop application that allows you to create and customize your own workout from the many downloadable workouts in Cathe’s extensive library.   

Disclaimer: I was not provided me with a copy of Intensity to review. I purchased the workout and was under no obligation to review it.Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review. Retail value is $22.97.

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