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Reverse WHAToring & How to look less tired.

Posted Dec 09 2008 12:31am

Subtitle: we’re kicking it old school up in herre, People. It’s back to the Tip & Trend Tuesdays!

First the trend.

To know me in real life is to know that I long for a mentor.

Im eager for someone to take me under their experienced wing, show me the ropes, bestow upon me wisdom, and lend me a hand along the way (I wont lie to you. Im all about the handlending.).


Until, upon reflection, I it dawned upon me I have mentorS.

I’ve been reverse mentored for a while now without my even realizing.

The notion of reverse mentoring started in the business world as a way to keep the old peeps in touch with trends & what’s currently ‘hot.’

In companies it’s still utilized as a way to keep the upper echelons fresh, current, forward thinking and future focused.

That was my AH HA! moment, oh Bumbling band.

While reading & researching the concept I thought: I WANNA THAT! and then I realized I already had it.

All of youbloggerswhosemama I could totally be were we to talk age which we wont?

Just by virtue of my reading your blogs we’re in a reverse mentor dynamic.

The tipstrends&technology I’ve learned from you could fill a million posts. (and a plethora of linklove, too, so please to know I just mentioned a few.)

I’ll spare you the gory panic stricken details (or not. any of you still twitterterrified? I can anyway.) but this woman taught me all about twit pic & tiny url without realizing she was my reverse mentor du jour.

This woman educated me with regards to being forward thinking with MizFit. Ours was a tremendously helpful conversation and one which, only with hindsight, did it dawn on me she was all kinds of reverse mentoring in the process.

Both women are younger than I, more in touch with technology, and were more than willing to share their knowledge with a sortaDinosaur like myself.

All I needed to do was ask.

As with so many things in life what I sought was already in front of me. It simply manifested itself in a form Id not anticipated.

and you?

now that you ponder it are you someone’s reverse mentor? are you their key to all things current & hip from Common to Plurk?

Or do you have a reverse mentoring relationship with someone that you hadnt yet defined as such? your kids? a friend’s kids? a coworker?

Please to normalize my need to be hipped up and hit us up in the comments.

After this post more than a few of you emailed asking if I’d consider doing a follow up.

A post on how to appear less tired looking whether that feeling was GOOD TIRED or TIREDTIRED.

You were right. Some days, especially during the holidays, it really doesnt matter *why* youre fatigued you just wanna appear less so.

Please to find my favorite Look Less Tired tips below (which I just realized reveal my lack of makeup ownership.  Should I get me some? would that help? why do I feel it only draws attention to my, errr, situation?).

Please to hit us up in the comments with yours.

* chill teaspoons. place on eyes. relax for a minute or 3. remove. eyes less puffy. (aesthetically I rarely see a huge difference in the Samsonites under my eyes. the moment of silence, however, works stressreducingwonders)

* make ice cubes with water, a drop of lemon juice & a drop or two of olive oil. rub on face. the cold will reduce puffiness, the lemon juice will tighten your skin and the olive oil will moisturize. (I tried this. Whether it was a placebo effect or not Ill never know, but *I* thought I looked less tired.)

* soak cotton pads in cold espresso and press beneath your eyes (on aforementioned Samsonites). caffeine is a vasoconstrictor so it shrinks blood vessels & lessens dark circles under the eyes. the diuretic effect from the caffeine will serve to reduce puffiness/swelling. (you are correct if you assume Ive never tried this. MizFit would never have enough espresso left after her morning coffee to dunk q-tips in let alone cotton balls. anyone wanna be the guinea pig for this one?)

* grab a bag of frozen peas, throw yourself face up on the kitchen floor, slap cold refreshing puffiness reducing frozen veggies on face. (’nuff said)

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