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Reverse Weekend Warrior

Posted May 17 2012 11:10pm
Workout Date: Friday May 11th @8:00am


Well it's Sunday night.
My last workout was on Friday morning. I always try and blog about my workouts as soon as they happen. That way everything is fresh in my mind. Not this time.

I actually had the day off from work on Friday, so the purpose of getting up early for a workout was...I suppose there was no purpose. No bragging rights to other co-workers, no reason that I just couldn't workout at any point throughout the day. However, I am not the only one in this relationship. Kyle has a very full schedule, so if I wanted to workout with him, it had to be early. He did do me a favour and move my session to 8am instead of our usual 7:45am. Although I still got up at the same time because of my whole "morning flow" thing.

I was on my fifth day in a row of working out and my third personal training session for the week. I really make as much effort as I can to get to the gym during the week, so I can take weekends off to do other things, be lazy, eat etc. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for the gym weekend warriors.  A lot of people have very busy schedules during the week and can only make it to the gym on weekends. As you know, I have embraced the Saturday morning workout whenever I can't make it to the gym enough during the week. This week however was not one of those weeks. Today was my 5th of 5 workouts and I was taking the weekend off.

This is the part where we workout:

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretching

4 rounds
barbell chest press (75 lbs) 8-10 reps
single arm dumbell row (25 lbs) 8 reps
lateral shoulder raises (25 lbs) 8-10 reps

3 rounds
swiss ball leg curls (curl in with both legs and then extend one leg at the top) 8 reps each side
swiss ball squats (holding 25 lbs dumbell, all the way down, quarter of the way up, all the way down, then all the way up) 8 reps

Cool down:
shoulder stretching

I did the best I could. I ate a decent breakfast (chicken  & pecans) and had a good sleep the night before and was drinking an acceptable amount of water. I found myself complaining quite a bit during the our hour session. It’s funny because I actually overheard another client complaining to their trainer about something as well. It made me think about how much, for lack of a better word “crap” that clients give their trainers. At first I felt bad, then I remembered how mean trainers are and it made me feel not so bad.

How did I spend the rest of my weekend?

After a long and wonderful relationship of 5 years with my magic bullet blender, it tragically broke this weekend. We were making skinnygirl margaritas (have you noticed a blossoming theme of drinking margaritas every weekend?) and I guess I put too much ice in? It broke. The dream is over. Obviously I can buy another one. But that bullet must have blended thousands of shakes for over the years. We had a good run. It has travelled across Canada with me. It was also special because I usually lose things before I can have them for 5 years.

We stayed pretty active. Hitting up the beaches in Toronto for some walking along the board walk and Queen West for some window shopping..

We were also pretty inactive. We also watched the movie Dodgeball, watched hockey play offs, ordered pizza, lounged on the balcony and drank margaritas.

Back to the gym tomorrow.

My Trainer:

Tara is quick to offer a kind remark about our scheduling, but any client in for an 8am workout, on their day off, deserves a pat on the back!  I like how she mentioned the weekend warriors of the gym.  My gym (Talbot Village in London!!!) has such a unique and diverse gym population, and Saturday is no exception.  Considering the fact that Tara had such a big workload in the gym that week, I was impressed she was able to keep up the way she did on Friday. And yeah … as far as the whining and “crap”, I’m glad she didn’t feel too bad for too long.  Maybe next time (I wonder if sarcasm translates in emails well)?

With Tara away for the weekend, and a busy schedule herself throughout the week, we planned her workouts that she would be responsible for on her own.  That is one thing that I continually credit Tara with – she doesn’t let herself off the hook.  She works hard in the gym and makes the time for herself to get it done as well.  Trust me, even for someone who spends up to 12 hours/day in a gym, it’s not always easy to make yourself get out there and do it.  I look forward to getting things set for our next workout(s) and getting her back to her “home base” … the amazing Talbot Village location!!!

Happy Reading,
Me+My Trainer
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