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Reverse The Aging Process

Posted Sep 22 2008 2:02pm

Aging is a process associated with a loss of muscle mass, muscular strength and impairment in performing some activities of daily activity. These Changes start to occur about the age of 40 and progressively get worse. There are many reasons why we experience muscular aging; research suggests it is related to oxidative stress, cell death, inflammation, inactivity, alterations in protein turnover and mitochondria dysfunction.(Melov et al.2007).Resistance training with older adults has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and increase antioxidant enzyme activity.Melov and colleagues investigated whether training actually does reverse muscular aging.


Old and young non-smokers where chosen for this study. The mean age of the older population was 68 and enjoyed recreational exercise such as walking, gardening, tennis and cycling. The younger participants had a mean age of 24, relatively inactive, engaging in modest recreational activity.


All participants performed supervised resistance activity. Each group began a single set training program at 50% their 1RM (repetition maximum. Intensity gradually increased to 3 sets at 80% of 1 RM.. Each of the subjects had a muscle biopsy before and after the 26 week study to determine whether their genes where expressed differently with age.


The researchers identified 596 differentially expressed genes. Of these genes, the researchers identified 179 age/exercise associated genes showing a reversal in gene expression. This means that resistance training not only slows the aging process, but also reverses it at the gene level. Personal trainers and fitness professional have always encouraged their clients to participate in resistance training programs to reap functional movement and health benefits. Now, there is proof that it increases muscular longevity on a   molecular level.


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