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Research For Results A deeper lo...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Research For Results
A deeper look into building the best body without carbs
Volek JS, Sharman MJ, Love DM, Avery NG, Gomez AL, Scheett TP, Kramer WJ
Body composition and hormonal responses to a carbohydrate-restricted diet.
Metabolism 2002 Jul; 51(7):864-70
This study looks into the effects of a six week carbohydrate-restricted diet on fat loss and preserved muscle mass in twelve healthy men. At the six week period, fat mass was significantly decreased and lean body mass significantly increased. The researchers also tested extremely important hormonal factors (which are always problems!) and found no significant decreases in hormonal output.
As each day passes ,I'm beginning to take a "who needs them" approach to prolonged carbohydrate usage. I'm even beginning to look at post workout carb consumption on body composition. I don't live in the lab, I live in a world where my bills get paid based on my results and lets just say I'm seeing some pretty good body composition changes in some short periods of time with what I'm doing.
"I need carbs", it's a popular saying but it is more or less an excuse. I don't expect anyone to go days without them but pick and choose your battles and have them around your workout time or first thing in the morning. Whatever you decide stick to it though. I'm counting down the weeks to Memorial day so take action. I already am leaner and bigger then I was last summer on the beach and today is Feb 1st, where are you going to be March 1st?
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