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"Repetition is the Mother of Learning."

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:40pm

"Repetition is the mother of learning." -- Latin Proverb

Chris Melton shared this video, courtesy of -- it beautifully illustrates a few of the essentials for enhancing fitness:

Motivation to change -- driven from within . Motivation of all types is extremely important for success. Motivation from the core of your being, however, can be the most powerful -- and best derive long-term change.

Training with intensity. This video oozes with Arthur's will to work. Work Hard . There was nothing lackadaisical about his training. (Smart) hard work, with intensity, will enhance your performance. Without it, getting results becomes difficult, if not impossible.

Strength Training. In this case, in the form of yoga with an added emphasis on body-weight training. The key here is that there was a strength component to Arthur's work, and that component was challenging enough to stimulate change including enhanced physiological function and maintenance/increase in muscle mass.

Goals. Arthur began with fat loss and improved health. He included the desire to walk without crutches and leg braces. Then he moved on to the ability to run. By clearly defining his final destination, Arthur gave himself the opportunity to know how to get there.

A good plan. . . and determination. Nothing stopped Arthur. Not his 70+ hour work week. Not his disability. He set his mind to the task, worked his plan, and, well, the rest is history.

Consistency. Consistent training. Consistent commitment. Consistent repetition of a well-thought-out plan. . . and getting progressive results almost becomes a formality.

Dedication to a new lifestyle. Arthur Boorman committed to a healthy lifestyle - to a change in his mindset - and this decision gave him a foundation for radical change. . . and life-long results.

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