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Remedies To Cure Bad Breath

Posted Feb 23 2010 10:35am
Having bad breath can pose a lot of embarrassing problems for anyone. When you have bad breath, there are a lot of things in life that you are unable to enjoy, like close contact with a loved one and even the taste of your food. Bad breath remedies are available for those who want to cure their chronic condition, and if you are one of those people who either cannot afford to visit a doctor or refuse to visit a doctor about this problem, here are some bad breath remedies that you can use at home to help you cure your bad breath.

Brushing and Flossing frequently
Obviously, the best of the bad breath remedies is to take good care of your teeth and oral hygiene. If you can not take good care of your teeth, then you probably do not really want to cure your bad breath because that is the number one cause of bad breath normally. If you want to try out some bad breath remedies make sure that you are starting with the obvious thing and taking good care of your teeth.

Avocado is one of the lesser known bad breath remedies. Eating avocado can help many people to ease the chronic bad breath condition that ails them and affects everybody around them. Avocado is easily found in the super-market or grocery store in your local community and is very often quite cheap, especially when in season.

Reduce Protein Intake
Proteins are one of the culprits when it comes to chronic bad breath. Eat less steak and chicken and more fresh fruits and vegetables and you’ll see and feel a decrease in your bad breath and in the number of people that are coming close to you. This is one of the most popular bad breath home remedies out there, and if you eat properly then you can make sure that you reduce your bad breath.

Drink Enough Water
Dryness in the mouth makes a favourable condition for the bacterial activity that can and usually does result in bad oral odour. Saliva is essential in keeping the mouth moist and reduce bacterial proliferation. Production of saliva in relation to water balance of the body means that a sufficient quantity of water needs to be consumed to maintain saliva production effectively. Drinking sufficient water, can easily help to cure your bad breath, especially if it’s not a more complicated medical problem. Try to drink the recommended litre of water daily. This will help in keeping the saliva levels up and controlling bad breath while also being good for your overall health.

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