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Remedies For Cold Sores - What Works For Cold Sore Victims

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:38pm 1 Comment

How about some excellent remedies for cold sores? If you will let me, I would like to share with you some of the best remedies for cold sores I have ever seen.

Remedies for cold sores line the shelves at your local store. Most are great for immediate comfort. Seldom, however, do they shorten the life span of a cold sore.

But, the best remedies for cold sores will do both - relieve the misery and heal the cold sore fast. And, believe it or not, many of these are easy to find and cheap.

These home remedies for cold sores will often out-perform store bought commercial treatments. And the best part - the virus will not become immune to them.

Here are some of the best remedies for cold sores we have found. Do not be afraid to combine two or more of them. Often they work better this way.

VITAMINS. Every person, whether you are a cold sore victim or not, should be taking a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement every day.

Within the multi-vitamin and mineral package there are a few nutrients that are especially important for cold sore relief.

Calcium helps maintain the healthy alkalinity of your body. Fact is, if you do not provide it, your body will steal it from your bones.

If and when your body slips into an acid state, your oxygen levels drop and cold sore outbreaks will occur.

Lab tests show B vitamin deficiencies in people with an active cold sore. B12 seemed to be especially low. B vitamins are the stress vitamins so get a good daily dose.

Zinc is your ally in getting rid of a cold sore fast. Your vitamin supplement should contain a minimum of 15 milligrams. If not, change brands.

Along with the B vitamins, vitamin C is extremely important for prevention and healing of cold sores. 500 milligrams of vitamin C is the very minimum you should get from your daily vitamin program.

BLACK TEA. Tea may become your best friend when defending against a cold sore attack. You will get the best results by putting it directly on the cold sore - but drinking tea helps also.

Using ice on a forming cold sore is great, but a frozen tea bag works much better.

Let a couple bags soak until thoroughly wet, then put in the freezer. Holding directly on the cold sore area provides instant relief and will slow or stop virus activity.

If your sore is advanced and has broken open, then apply a hot tea bag. This will provide great comfort and will dramatically speed up the healing process.

But do not put the bag in the microwave. This will ruin it! You can heat up the water first, then immerse the bag - or use the stove-top.

OIL FROM THE TEA TREE. Tea tree oil comes from the Australian Tea Tree. It smells and tastes similar to turpentine. It is readily available at local stores.

Of all the remedies for cold sores, tea tree oil is one of the most universal. You can begin using it at the very first sign of a cold sore.

This oil is anti-virus. It is a powerful dressing when the cold sore breaks open. It helps reduce the spreading of the virus. When used on the scab, tea tree oil will keep it from cracking open.

HONEY. One of the little known and appreciated remedies for cold sores, honey can be of great help to the cold sore victim. No germ or fungus can survive in honey. Honey found in the pyramids was still safe to eat. It does not spoil.

Our ancestors used honey as a dressing on all types of wounds for stopping infections and quick healing. It smells and tastes way better than tea tree oil. Apply from first tingle through final healing of your cold sore.

These are just a few remedies for cold sores that have been proven effective and safe. There are other highly recommended remedies you may want to research and try, but I do not have room to list them here.

As you can see, treating oral herpes cold sore outbreaks does not have to be complicated or expensive. I hope these remedies for cold sores will help you right now.

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cold sores can be remedy fast.It's hard when someone got a cold sore in their mouth.....We can know more in you articles.thanks.
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